D.C. Rhind the Musician


I’ve has been performing as a singer for almost 50 years, and as a singer/songwriter for more than 40 years. I’ve done everything from parties to weddings

— either just voice & guitar (coffee house style) or with backing tracks I created myself. You can view live performances by clicking on the links below. Note: all performances on this page are of original, copyrighted material.


My Nova Scotia Home

Perfect SouthShore Day

West Wind

Nova Scotia Calling Me

Angel In Your Eyes

10 years ago, my line was, “With all this gear, it’ll cost you $300 just to get me to move my gear, set up, and do the tear-down at the end, and for that you get 3 hours — if there’s a 4th hour, it negotiable, maybe even free.”

    I still have 3 guitars but, these days, some the gear is a lot smaller,  the NS economy is hurting,  so I’ve reduced my cost to $200 — again, for up to 3 hours. After 3hrs we negotiate.

Note: Once on YouTube, you should also be able to access performances of covered material, like an impromptu performance of “Hotel California” done with a resort band in the Dominican Republic.

1967, Stellarton, NS

2016, Bridgewater Marina, NS

2008, RCLegion, NS

2003, QHYC, Jacksonville, FL

2010, Puerto Plata, DR

Now available on iTunes

(search “David Rhind”)

(Clicking CD cover takes you to the entire 10-track playlist on YouTube)