D.C. Rhind, 2014




About the Author

   David was born in 1956, in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, but left in grade five, spending three years in Stellarton, a year in Summerside, PEI, then back to Sydney for one more year. Living in Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax, during his high school and college years gave him that anchored feeling and, no matter where else he’s been (Bermuda 1978 - 1990, Bahamas 1990 – 1997, the USA 1997 –2004), Dartmouth has always been home (though the author has a huge love of South Shore NS., especially through sailing, and relocated to Chester Basin in 2012.) Being back in Nova Scotia is a great feeling.

     David’s interests in the martial arts and writing began about the same time. He began Judo and Karate at 14. Around the same time he started writing stories that he never finished in old school notebooks. By 16, he was seriously into Wing Chun and Bak Sil Lum Kung Fu, becoming part of the Fire Dragon System (Pai Lum), seriously hooked. By 17, he was an assistant instructor; by 18, he was teaching. He had graduated Prince Andrew High School (Dartmouth, NS) with honours by then, and was doing a Biology degree at Acadia University (Wolfville, NS). He graduated from there in ’77. By 21, he had a 3rd degree black belt (san dan) in Shotokan Karate and was a Junior Master in Katana-jutsu (katana or Samurai long sword.) That same year he graduated with an Education degree from Dalhousie (Halifax, NS). He had also finished his first novel, “At Ten Fathoms” (destined for the trash).

   Over the next 10 years, while living in Bermuda and teaching high school Biology and Math, he taught Kung Fu on the side and began writing a fantasy trilogy. His wizards were influenced by science, his warriors katana-wielding martial artists.

    Then 9-11-2001 came, and he knew he had to write another Calebra story — one where a vigilante terrorized the terrorists. After five Calebra novels it felt like he had said everything he could about the characters and the world he’d created.

    That’s when he decided to turn his attention to a vampire series. But it had to be different and, being David, it was inevitable that Kung Fu would be involved.

    Things became more exciting with the advent of video-trailers and the sudden interest in eBooks versions of his works by Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and the Apple iBooks Bookstore. The Agent Samurai, Vampire-Hunter Series even caught on in England and Scotland, with eBook sales rivaling those in the North American market. David’s first ever experience with Cons/Expos like Hal-Con (2010–2013) and 2012’s Sci-Fi on the Rock were as an invited author rather than an attendee. THAT was an eye-opener. Meeting the registrar of Frontier University at Hal-Con 2010  led to a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing.

     David’s world changed in the fall of 2012 when a 10-day hospital stay culminated in a diagnosis of encephalomyelitis, a mild, non-aggressive form of MS. Since then, it’s been an experiment with day-by-day fluctuations in symptoms and limitations. It robbed him of the ability to recognize music as anything but noise for 3-1/2 years until 2015. A miracle occurred in the spring of 2015, and his music returned. Now four Naproxen a day helps keep that dreaded symptom at bay, allowing David to perform and continue in his recent role as guitarist for Trinity United Church in Mahone Bay, NS.